Robo Corpse Contra III Boss for the Villaiins Art Challenge

Robo Corpse is the last Boss in the 3rd Stage of Contra III and was drawn by Game-Art-HQ Contributor ExShen!

~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~


This was one of the challenges I gave ExShen to choose from. When this happened we had a lot of claims for very known antagonists already and I tried to get more stage bosses into the mix.

ExShen took the challenge and drew one of the – in my opinion – most iconic bosses ever seen in the 16bit era with Robo-Corpse, also known as ” Daikaku Robot Big Fuzz” in Japan. This is the last boss in the third stage of Contra III and basically looked like a giant Terminator without the skin but with claws.

He breaks through that metallic door and directly moves his big head to the direction of the player and starts throwing flames and bombs at poor Bill Rizer. That all accompanied with a great soundtrack and nice animations for its age.

ExShen drew this boss on paper instead of going the usual route and creating it digitally, this is a nice change to the majority of the other submissions as well.

Art Challenge Mastered 10/10!

Robo Corpse Contra III Boss