Galcian from Skies of Arcadia Villains Art Challenge on Game-Art-HQ

Galcian is the main antagonist in the Skies of Arcadia RPG by Sega and was drawn by Game-Art-HQ Contributor StarsandOceans

~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~

“I like Galcian as a villain. He’s not an outwardly violent brute; he’s intelligent, calm and carries out his duties with a cool head. He knows what he wants and how to get it, and if it takes 20, 30 years to get there, so be it. His hidden agenda is huge and despite that, he manages to keep his plan a secret from everyone until its finally ripe and ready to put into execution. He is extremely focused on his goal and as Ramirez put it, cannot be corrupted by money or flattery. Anyone who stands in his way or betrays him will meet with a terrible fate – in due time. Galcian is an impressive and equally terrifying man. 

At first I wanted to do him old-master’s-portrait-style, but I didn’t really like where I was going with it. Instead of scrapping it though, I went for the rough style in black and white, then added my previous color layer on top of it. I kinda liked that, it gives it a dark look that suits Galcian well. But I’d like for my next drawing to be a bit more colorful

Galcian from Skies of Arcadia Original Art by Sega

Just like StarsandOceans I am a big fan of Skies of Arcadia too and threw curses at Sega multiple times for abandoning the really should have had a sequel in 2005 already, and now in 2015 barely anyone beside older gamers and of course the Game-Art-HQ community remembers this pretty JRPG gem.

It was awesome to see Galcian being picked for our video game villains art challenge and resulting in a great portrait of the main antagonist of SoA.


Art Challenge Mastered 10/10!