Justice from Guilty Gear Villains Art Challenge

Justice Guilty Gear X Screenshot

Justice is the final boss and main antagonist in the first Guilty Gear fighting game by Arc System Works

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~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~

Drawn by GA-HQ Contributor Shinragod

 “Now for those who know the series; she may have been the commanding Gear and led to the slaughter of innocents; particularly the Japanese. But her ending line from the original series suggests it was really the work of ‘That Man’ that led her to cause all this mass destruction.

And yet once again, it looks as if the recent Xrd re-wrote all that continuity. Once more they changed Justice’s appearance from her giant white armoured big shoulder padded appearance; into a giant Kaiju sized behemoth.
Frankly I prefer her original design; blue crotch horn and all.

Here she is standing victorious over another devastated city caused by her and her fellow gears. Her gear army looks on menacingly in the background as she clutches the decapitated heads of her victims: trophies of her recent conquest. This is most likely Justice at the beginning of the Crusades; when she and the gears were the true enemies of man.”

Art Challenge Mastered 10/10!