Tomator from Lost Vikings for the Villains Art Challenge

Tomator is the main antagonist in the Lost Vikings games and was drawn by the long-time Game-Art-HQ Contributor Brendan Corris

~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~

“Here is my submission for the villains jam  at Game-Art-HQ. I agreed to do Tomator, the ruthless Crutonian space ruler and zookeeper from Blizzard’s The Lost Vikings in early January, not knowing that only weeks later they would make a come back in Heroes of the Storm. I don’t know anything about HOTS, but seeing them back in action (and getting an artwork feature on the Blizzard website, even if it was an extremely dated piece) made me grin from ear to ear. Anyway, I wanted to pick a villain from a series that has always been extremely important to me, yet one you don’t see often.

The Lost Vikings was always one of my favorite SNES titles growing up, and remains so today. Tomator was also a totally rad design, very reminiscent of Blizzard’s patented Orc design. The lame part though was the ending of Lost Vikings II when he somehow turns out to be some obnoxious little kid playing a trick on you, a joke that ruined the badassness of the character and made completing that game just disappointing. I like to think of that ending as nothing more than a joke, and keep Tomator as the badass space brute he was in the original game.”


Tomator was one of the awesome surprises of the Villains Art Challenge. This guy wasn’t seen since a way too long time now just like the whole Lost Vikings seris.

I think Brendan Corris decision to base his illustration of him on the first game was totally right, his 2nd design really was not that good and made him look weaker than any of the vikings, Kudos for taking Tomator @ Brendan!

Tomator in Lost Vikings Screenshot