Kold War Scorpion Skin MKX Mortal Kombat X Art

For the first time you see skins made by fans worldwide appearing in a Mortal Kombat game which is a pretty cool idea. Netherrealm Studios created a Tumblr Blog called The Kombat Kollective a couple of months ago where Mortal Kombat Artists can submit their works.

NRS contacted a couple of them to let them create their own designs for Mortal Kombat X characters like Scorpion here who was getting a Cold War  based design by Sergey “fear sAs” Svistunov, an artist from Russia who was featured multiple times on Game-Art-HQ in the last years already and created a lot of outstanding Mortal Kombat fan art.

Am looking forward to see the works of the other contacted artists, hope a couple of them are known faces to me which worked on our big Mortal Kombat art tribute that is getting continued later this year.

It’s great to see that another company works directly together with fans to get their ideas into a fighting game.


You can see the creation process of the concept art in this video