Samus be my Valentine Metroid by Genzoman

Be my Valentine Samus by GENZOMAN

Samus Aran Zero Suit Portrait by Zeronis

Samus Zero Suit Portrait by ZeroNis

There is so many awesome Samus Aran fan art out therethat I could basically write about them almost every day but that would obviously be a bit boring and is not a Metroid Fan-Site (while I am indeed a fan of the games and Samus!)

So I try to pick only some totally outstanding ones and these two fan art pieces by the great artists Genzoman and Zeronis are my pick for March 2015.

Loved the idea of a baby Metroid accepting Samus as mother at the end of Metroid II and like that artists still pick up that idea as seen in the Valentines Day art by Genzoman. Zeronis however just wanted to illustrate a sexy Samus Aran in her Zero Suit and re-imagined her a bit as well. I seriously hope that Nintendo goes back to the roots with their next Metroid game and forget about the Other M stuff.