Bruce Irvin Tekken Art

Bruce Irvin the Muay Thai kickboxer from the Tekken games drawn by Scribbletati from Germany for the Tekken 2 Art Tribute on Fighting Games-Elite!

Bruce was once a nice unlockable character in Tekken 2, one of the few mid-bosses which were completely unique and not based on other guys there.

Back in Tekken 5 Namco brought him back as a returning character for every Tekken game, he was not confirmed to be in Tekken 7 yet though.

I loved that Scribbletati based her illustration of Bruce on the small background story seen in Tekken 2 where he is training and that kid can be seen lurking through the window until Bruce kicks the Punching-Bag so hard that the chain breaks and the kid gets blown away in excitement 🙂

Bruce Irvin was a really cool guy back in Tekken 2 already and continued to get better and better with every new game!