Whispy Woods Kirby's Dreamland Villains Art Challenge on Game Art HQ

The Whispy Woods Boss from the classic Kirby’s Dreamland,

illustrated for the  Villains Art Challenge by Bleachbender


“I took the challenge and unlike the entries I did for Links blacklist I didn’t chose the enemy to draw myself, but had three suggestions to choose from.
While I knew from the beginning I’d include the red apples it was only after seeing it uses its roots to attack that I decided on the overall tone. 

I wanted to get some kind of enchanted forest vibe, something that makes you think of older cartoons, that often had some strange/mysterious feeling, something that was unsettling but you couldn’t put your finger on it.
No supernatural things, not witch, no big bad wolf, just trees and trees, and you might get lost and never find out.

Drawing a character with such a simple design from a game+franchise I’m not familiar with myself was a nice change and a challenge!”

Whispy Woods Kirby's Dreamland Game Boy Screenshot

The Whispy Woods boss battle in Kirby’s Dreamland was one of the first  bigger tests for the players of the game and it was not that easy to inhale the apples and also avoid the falling spike-guys. Whispy Woods actually returned in many of the later Kirby games as well, including the latest game of the series, Kirby’s Rainbow Course where he is again a b boss of the first level.

Art Challenge Mastered 10/10!

Bleachbender did not only draw Whispy Woods there, he actually illustrated the whole scenario of the boss battle and did it in a beautiful form. Especially mentioned should be that he did not choose this boss by himself and is not very familiar with the Kirby games so this was a true challenge for the artist.