Shao Kahn during the Earthrealm Invasion in Mortal Kombat 3 Villains Art Challenge on Game Art HQ

Shao Kahn the Outworld Emperor and Final Boss of Mortal Kombat 3 during the Invasion of Earthrealm

  ~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~


Shao Kahn is probably one of the most popular and iconic fighting game bosses today. He was not only the boss in 5 Mortal Kombat games but was also playable in another 3 and also a part of almost every Mortal Kombat Movie or TV series. He might even be a bit more popular than M.Bison from Street Fighter.

Skence from Canada is one of the artists which joined the Game-Art-HQ Community just recently and did so by claiming a spot in our first collaboration with OCR. The next step was to participate in our Art Challenge. From the three available characters, Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat was chosen, as a fun coincedence this happened just a day after Kintaro, another MK Boss was claimed for this project.

Mortal Kombat 3 Earthrealm Invasion

Skence based the illustration on the Mortal Kombat 3 story where Shao Kahn tries to conquer the Earth (Earthrealm) with an invasion and is somehow able to steal the souls of millions. No wonder that Shang Tsung got jealous.

 It’s a horrible and scary scenario and we can all be glad that it’s just a video game fantasy 🙂

Art Challenge Mastered 10/10! After your very nice contribution to our upcoming Final Fantasy IX Tribute with Overclocked.Remix, it was a nice surprise to see you being on board the Challenge and taking a character you are not very familiar with!