Lar from Sonic Wings Game Art HQ Villains Art Challenge

Lar the Large Mysterious Sphere, one of the returning Bosses in the Sonic Wings games

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~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~

Drawn by long-time GA-HQ Member Blackorb00

Around 50 members of the Game-Art-HQ community participated in our Villains Art Challenge and while the most of them claimed characters like Sephiroth or Vaas Montenegro a few Bosses from Shoot’em ups were also drawn for the art collaboration.

Lar is a common boss and part of all the Sonic Wings arcade shooters since SWII. This thing seems to be half biological and mechanical and has really all kinds of weapons equipped to make the fights against it a hard time for the players.  Blackorb00 wrote:

“One of the first things that come to my mind when I think about a videogame villains or bosses is that giant eyeball from the Sonic Wings games.
Organic, Machine? that remain a mystery guess, all I know is that he like to fuse himself with guns, lasers, cannons, etc. Maybe a fetish of some sort..”


Art Challenge Mastered 10/10! Damn cool that you claimed one of the almost forgotten game characters!