Fierce Deity Link vs Majora Zelda LOZ

Fierce Deity Link vs Majora – drawn by EternalLegend!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask got re-released and a bit remastered as well for the Nintendo 3DS and will most likely surprise many of the younger players which are trying it out for the first time with its relative high difficulty in comparison to the recent Handheld Zelda games 🙂

It will also be the first time for many gamers that they see the transformations of Link when he becomes the powerful Fierce Deity Link.

Personally I think that Majora’s Mask is one of the best Zelda games and am glad that younger gamers will be able to enjoy the game on a newer hardware…but I think it would have been better to re-release it with enhancements on the Wii U.

EternalLegend is a long-time Zelda fan and probably one of the most popular LoZ Fan Art-Artists today. For good reasons as you can see in the illustration above.

She also participated in Link’s Blacklist multiple times and I hope she will be back when we continue the big art collaboration this summer!