Na-Krul Diablo Hellfire Game Art HQ Art Challenge

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Na-Krul the last boss from Diablo: Hellfire

~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~

Drawn by long-time GA-HQ Member Emiliano Sanna

We had a few really old video game villains which got claimed for our villains art challenge and also some odd ones, but Emiliano really pushed the  “what the hell” bar to another height when he claimed the boss of the Diablo 1 Hellfire Expansion which was more or less inofficial even and made by Sierra.

As you can see in the video of the boss battle, the three drawn spellbooks there have a meaning. If they are read in the right order, Na-Krul will be a lot easier than usual.

Big Kudos @ Emiliano for claiming such an unknown game character and draw him so well!

Art Challenge Mastered 10/10!