Guardian Legend vs the Red GrimGrin Game-Art-HQ Art Challenge

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~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~

Drawn by GA-HQ Member Karniz

This submission was initially meant to be for our first art challenge, which was all about Nintendo but this image was not finished before the end of December when we started the villains challenge already.

However, since that Boss of the Corridor 8: Organic Version Stage in the pretty crazy genre-mix The Guardian Legend from 1988 is a big part of the artwork I just thought lets add it to the villains challenge 🙂


I never heard about this game before Karniz wanted to claim it for the Nintendo challenge actually.

Now I researched  it a bit and seems it was a pretty interesting game which mixed the shoot’em up genre with action adventure gameplay like in the Legend of Zelda.

The main protagonist of the game, Alyssa (in Japan) was able to turn herself into a spaceship to fight the bosses like the Red Grimgrin.

How crazy but damn cool is that?


Challenge Mastered 10/10!