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~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~

Mecha Sonic Game Art HQ Villains Art Challenge

Drawn by GA-HQ Member Nekro-Phil


Mecha and Silver Sonic were both pretty cool villains designed by Doctor Eggman and Robotnik to beat Sonic the Hedgehog for him finally. Sadly both characters / models were not used in any of the newer Sonic games, but Phil remembered the pretty cool Sonic & Knuckles Mecha Sonic and wanted to draw it for our Villains Art Challenge in December 2014.

He wrote:

“Out of all the Metal Sonic enemies, Mecha Sonic is my favourite. 

Mainly because I like to think he was acting independently from Dr. Robotnik, pursuing Knuckles and trying to gain ultimate power by harnessing the power of the Master Emerald. 

I don’t think he was used after Sonic and Knuckles which is a shame because he looks awesome even cooler than the usual Metal Sonic that was introduced in Sonic CD.”


Challenge Mastered 10/10!