D’Vorah is one of the completely new characters in Mortal Kombat X and looks also like one of the most interesting new MK characters since the MK Deadly Alliance days of Nitara and Kenshi.

She is one of the very few females in Mortal Kombat which are not just looking uber-sexualized –instead its kinda hard to see her and think she is attractive..however..she has some very special visual design choices, relations to insects and can even use them in kombat.

Romeo J Gonzales, an active Game-Art-HQ Member and superb artist drew D’Vorah in illustrations whih focus on her variations.

Have a good look at these artworks!


D'Vorah Mortal Kombat X Brood Mother Art

D’Vorah the Brood Mother Variation Art

D'Vorah the Brood Mother MKX

Not a lot is known about D’Vorah and even what she is so far.

We know that she is from Outworld but not if she is like Reptile the last of her race or created through dark magic or even science.

What we know however is that she can launch a crawling larva which can lock down her opponent with a net which allows it D’Vorah to attack the enemy much easier.

You can see these Larva like minions of her in the illustration. Even I am getting an uneasy feeling alone from thinking about being surrounded by these things.

D'Vorah Mortal Kombat X Swarm Queen Art

D’Vorah the Swarm Queen Variation Art

D'Vorah the Swarm Queen MKX

And Romeo’s 2nd D’Vorah illustration just continues this feeling with all the bee’s there covering her like she really is her queen. The Bee’s are actually not drawn which is making the artwork even creepier though.


D’Vorah is able to summon a whole tornado of flying wasps with this variation.She can also throw an explosive big bug and her Swarm Queen special moves can all be used as combo openers.




D'Vorah Mortal Kombat X Venomous Art

D’Vorah the Venomous Variation Art

D'Vorah the Venomous MKX

The Venomous Variation of D’Vorah reminded me at the Necromancer from Diablo II on first sight. I thought about poisoned daggers and being able to bite the opponent maybe to make his health bar shrinking for the whole battle.

Seems Poison will be a big element of this variation and power up D’Vorah a lot.

The illustration is just scary but after seeing these three I am hyped up for Mortal Kombat X and learning more about D’Vorah even more.

Thanks a lot for creating these artworks and sharing them online!