Without advertising the site anywhere today and only around 30 visits trough sites where i have this site`s adress we got for the first time over 400 visits. 413 to be precise.


Since i work nearly alone on this site and started it just some weeks ago at June 20th. this makes me proud.


One of my key targets has been archived  though already. I try to get views for artists i like and chosed to be featured on this site. And while many of them have many views trough deviantart already, i invested time to make the image files more search engine friendly.


If you go to the google image search today and search for “Mortal Kombat Fan Art” as example you see MK Fan-arts hosted on Game-Art HQ under the first 20 postitions already. The same pictures are not visible in the search when they are uploaded on DA, due to missing keywords on DA.

Even for quite popular keywords like final fantasy or cloud strife the game art hq hosted pictures are in top positions already, and its the same with the normal google web search. This is exactly what i wanted when i had the idea for this project. Its great for me to know my “plan” works. And thast means its good for the artists too.


Another project  seems to work here on GA-HQ. The tribute project for the old Battle Arena Toshinden fighting game. Only 2 of 11 characters arent claimed by artists yet. 9 different artists are onboard of this project  already and i am sure the last two characters  Rungo and Mondo will be drawn as well


The results of this projects will be shown in a gallery, i made a concept page for it already but most likely  some things will be changed.


It is very likely that this is  just the first project of this kind with a lot more to come!

Greets and a good weekend everyone, GBK