Joka from Klonoa Art Challenge on Game Art HQ

Joka, also known as Joker, a recurring Boss and Villain from the Klonoa games

..who was drawn by Fischhead for our gahq logo- Art Challenge as 18th Submission!

Its really one of the coolest things of our community that the most of the members are totally unpredictable!

A few of the more popular villains like Sephiroth and Wario were claimed for our current art challenge but the majority of the characters are like this one above.

A few from us know these video game villains but the most of us are barely remembering guys like Joka, one of the recurring bosses and villains in the sadly quite dead Klonoa series of super beautiful and fun platformers by Namco.

Fischhead asked for a Klonoa boss as challenge..he got Joka and drew this guy not only in his normal but also his beast form which you can see in the video.

Art Challenge Mastered 10/10!