Cat Battleship MK1 Parodius Stage 1 Boss Game Art

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~Art Challenge Submission #16~

Drawn by long time GA-HQ Member Mike “Sarrus” Williams

Your eyes are not betraying you, this is the famous Cat Battleship MK 1 Boss from the first stage in the cult classic shoot’em up by Konami, Parodius.

It was part of our villains art challenge to let a community member choose between three completely different game characters and, more for fun than to expect he would really take it, Mike took the Cat Battleship MK 1 as his art challenge and personally I think he absolutely mastered it.

From the facial expression of the Pirate Cat to the stage background and the perspective he managed it give the Cat Battleship MK 1 a great spotlight. Probably the biggest one for many years since the Parodius games are almost forgotten and the last part was released over 15 years ago.


The Parodius games were really full with fun enemies and bosses like this one, if you are familiar with emulators or you still have a Super Nintendo or a Playstation, grab these games somewhere and have a lot of fun with them.

They were true gems of their time (early-mid nineties) and nothing really comparable was ever released later.