Jedah the Darkstalkers 3 Boss Game-Art-HQ Villains Art Challenge

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~Art Challenge Submission #15~

 Jedah Dohma, the main antagonist from Darkstalkers 3 was claimed as part of the Game-Art-HQ Villains Challenge by Koui and submitted in December 2014.

Jedah was always a pretty badass vampire design I thought, his attacks which involved cursed blood and claw attacks which would make Freddy Krueger proud were some of the most brutal looking ones in the history of drawn fighting game characters.

Personally I was surprised to see such a relative unknown character being claimed for our Villains art challenge and Koui really did him justice there. The scared faces of the other Darkstalkers like Demitri, Aulbath and Morrigan are a priceless addition 🙂

Challenge Mastered 10/10 🙂