Star Wolf Team Game Art HQ Nintendo Challenge 1

“That’s supposed to be Venom in the back XD They’re on standby, getting ready for the order to go against the Star Fox team! Andrew is SO not ready for this but he doesn’t want anyone to see he’s scared so he just stays in the back. Wolf is super-focused, Leon is looking forward to harass Falco and Pigma’s got on his mind on the upcoming paycheck, as usual.”


When the Nintendo challenge started in October 2014, the first idea was to let artists either pick a single character, or to try to illustrate a whole game, but groups like the Star Wolf team were soon added to the mix as well!

This is actually the first fan art of these villains on the website and I think it looks just great. Weird coincidence that the last submission for the Nintendo challenge is the only one which could be a part of the 2nd challenge as well 🙂

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~Challenge Submission #13~

The Star Wolf Team from the Star Fox 64

by StarsandOceans