Pia from Rune Factory 3 Game-Art-HQ Project

Pia from Rune Factory 3

by Kittycas

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~Project Submission #8~

Pia is a character introduced in Rune Factory 3 and a very kind girl with a secret..she is actually a mermaid!


And honestly, I never played Rune Factory and have no clue about the games so I have to ask Kittycas right now to help me a bit there ūüôā

She wrote:

“Ok so like she’s one of the girls that you can marry… um she’s a a mermaid… or half mermaid i guess?

(If she touches water she gets a fish tail so yeah… haha)
ummm she works at the bathhouse and she was like kind of adopted by the woman who runs it…
She’s like kinda dizzy and stupid but she’s really cute and happy all the time :>
oh and she hates squids because she thinks they’re evil and she wants to eat all of them ahaha (i forget exactly why i think she heard a story where squids ate fish or something?)”

 Pia Rune Factory 3 Official Art