Poliwag Pokemon #60 Game-Art-HQ Project

The Poliwag Pokemon

by Amanda J. Belaire

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~Project Submission #6~

The Poliwag is a Water Type Pokemon, introduced in the first Pokedex Generation!


When the first part of the Game-Art-HQ Project started in October and artists were either able to choose a Nintendo related game characters OR get a challenge by myself through three game characters which are not drawn very often, I gave Amanda Poliwag as one of the three choices ūüôā


Personally I never played any of the Pokemon games but through my work on this website and deviantART I learned more and more of the adorable creatures and well, this little Poliwag Pokemon is just cute in every regard or?

Am glad that she took the Poliwag, which is the first Pokemon every drawn for a Game-Art-HQ Art Collaboration btw.

Thought a few times about doing a giant tribute with all the Pokemons..but honestly..there are many of those projects already!