Juno from Jet Force Gemini Game Art HQ Project

Juno the Fire-walker by Scowlingelf

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~Project Submission #2~


Meet Juno, one of the three main protagonists in Jet Force Gemini, one of Rare’s last big hits on the Nintendo 64!


Juno in Jet Force Gemini

I was pretty surprised to see Juno being a one of the first Nintendo related game characters which were claimed for the first step of our new project but hey..thats how the Game-Art-HQ members are ticking ūüôā

Played Jet Force Gemini, a third person shooter released in October 1999 only a few times though¬† and can’t remember it well but I remember that Juno and the other two were quite some badass characters with a lot of weapons to screw their enemies. Including shuriken.