Quan Chi Mortal Kombat X Summoner Variation Artwork

Ohh Yes! Quan Chi the dark and mysterious sorcerer who played only a small role in Mortal Kombat 9 until the end which foreshadowed the events of MKX it seems is back in Mortal Kombat X and looks more badass than ever before.

Quan Chi has this Summoner variation /style now where he can summon a Netherrealm Bat Demon to aid him in battle but he can also shoot his green skulls now faster than ever..and that right from his own head!

I was blown away by the Quan Chi MKX reveal trailer and so was Toby Burns, a big Mortal Kombat fan like myself who drew Quan Chi in his latest design already. He wrote:

“After loving the look of MKX’s Quan Chi I couldn’t help but spend the day making this. Quan Chi in his Summoner variation. Very happy to see a MK4/Hellraiser look to him. MKX cannot come soon enough.”

Quan Chi Summoner MKX Screenshot