Mileena and Kitana attack Shao Kahn Cosplay

Nicholas Vax from Singapore stands for Cosplay shootings in perfection..or in this case..flawless execution. No matter who he works with, his photos are simply awesome and I am a fan of his works now since years.

Just look at all the details the cosplayers of Shao Kahn (Drefan Cosplay), Mileena (Hana Bira and Kitana (Khymichi) cared about.

Not only has Drefan the really perfect body build for the buly Outworld Emperor, he even cared about the sandals which look like those seen in Mortal Kombat 9. The costumes by the Kitana and Mileena cosplayers also look like the originals and their attack stances were captured in the absolute right moment to make it believable they would be in Kombat with their “Daddy” Well am not too sure Mileena is attacking Kahn there or backstabbing Kitana.

Also Kudos @ the Wrath Hammer by Shao Kahn..damn that thing looks awesome!