Tatanga Super Mario Land for Mario's Blacklist

Tatanga is the main antagonist of Super Mario Land, the first Mario handheld game which had a lot unusual enemies and bosses who never made it into other games later.

Tatanga is an Alien who abducted Princess Daisy and Mario has to use an airplane to defeat Tatanga who shoots big cannonballs which are splitting into three smaller balls. He was a pretty hard boss at the time. He returns in Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins as the boss of the Space Zone but never appeared again in a later game sadly.


The illustration of him was one of the last claimed ones and I really have to thank Graphiqkad a ton for creating it, he asked me about choosing a character he would draw for Mario’s Blacklist and since nobody else claimed Tatanga or any other Super Mario Land characters I chose him of course, this mean alien invader just HAD to be part of the debut of Mario’s Blacklist!

Tatanga Super Mario Land



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