The Spiky Piranha Plant is a unique sub-species of the Piranha Plants and appeared only in Super Mario Galaxy 2 so far, in fact there is only one of them, located in the Sky Station Galaxy.

Spiky Piranha Plant

These Piranha Plant has spikes on her head and Mario has to use a Stretch Plant to defeat it which should be easy though.

The Spiky Piranha Plant uses her big head to attack Mario so be quick and keep a distance or else you might experience what happened to poor Mario in the scariest of the illustrations made for Mario’s Blacklist so far.

Purpleground02 from Malaysia claimed the Spiky Piranha Plant as a big surprise and created this pretty gritty take on her.

Rest in Pieces, Mario!

Spiky Piranha Plant Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Mario's Blacklist



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