Magnus Von Grapple is a robot and operated by Lord Crump, one of the main antagonists in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.


Skull-the-Kid aka Andrea from Italy drew Magnus for Mario’s Blacklist!

Since I am not too familiar with Magnus, I asked Andrea hhimself to describe him and her illustration ūüôā

Bowser and his army aside, the X-Nauts are my favourite villains from the Mario games, but the choice of this cardboard war machine may also be influenced by my soft spot for vintage science-fiction aesthetics (especially robots =P ).

Magnus Von Grapple is a perfect example of how creatively the game played with the paper theme just like its pilot Lord Crump is for its humorous flair. It was not only able to embrace and at the same time parodize the classic Super Mario light mood but managed some clever satire too, especially of video games.

Just think of the moment in which the moon dwellers’ lieutenant addresses the player, breaking the fourth wall in a self-conscious joke worthy of Hideo Kojima.”

Magnus Von Grapple from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door for Mario's Blacklist


Magnus von Grapple Paper Mario TTYD


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