Fracktail from Super Paper Mario for Mario's Blacklist

The Fracktail Boss from Super Paper Mario, a giant robotic Dragon!

Fracktail is a pretty cool boss design, could imagine him being a part of the Legend of Zelda series almost if he would look a little bit more scarier. Our illustration of this mighty foe was drawn by Cronoan who participates in our collaborations since the Super Metroid Tribute back in March 2014, she wrote the following description of her work:

“I was really happy to secure a spot for one of my favorite bosses. This is Fracktail from Super Paper Mario. If you haven’t played SPM, go out and buy it right now. Nintendo decided to specially design a game just for me! But seriously, this game is chock full of tongue in cheek humor, great storyline, loads of awesome levels, and this bad boy.

I hope I did him some justice. The fight with Fracktail is just so awesome. This guy is HUGE and terrifying. At first, I designed the piece to have the desert below, but it felt too grounded to me.

After consulting some fellow artists, I decided to just make them totally airborne. The idea was to emphasize Mario’s helplessness.

This is pretty different from my usual grungy palette, so I hope you enjoy it!”

Fracktail Super Paper Mario



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