The Ikari Warriors Whip Clark Ralf Heidern and LeonaKOF Tribute Art

“I have never been a big fan of fighting games (I really such at them), but I enjoy a scramble once in a while if the game is good enough. King Of Fighters is one of them, and specially Ikari Warriors Team with my favorite character being Clark and his grapples and throws.

I really enjoy the arcade system and a complex simplicity of controls.

For the art I took a simple approach resembling the old 90s Shinkiro pin ups with a mixture of some details of the team’s designs with the most prominent the current Design on KOFXIII.”

Whip, Clark Steel, Heidern, Leona and Ralf Jones are the Ikari Warriors Team, illustrated by Eduardo J. PĂ©rez M. from Venezuela



While almost all other teams in their different variations were drawn depending on the games, both artists who wanted to draw the Ikari Warriors for our King of Fighters 20th Anniversary Art Tribute wanted to illustrate all five members, how could we say no to that? 🙂



“I love the Ikari Warriors Team! Played with them quite a lot since the King of Fighters ’98 and liked the newer addition for the team, Whip too!

I also really enjoy the difference in term of gameplay between Ralf, Clark, Leona and whip I don’t really like Heidern because one of my best friend beat me with him every time!.”

I really like the KOF series because it was the game to play with my friends in school.”

Koyote974 from France who draw the whole team of the Ikari Warriors as well.

KOF Tribute the Ikari Warriors Team from the King of Fighters


Ikari Warriors Ralf Clark Heidern

Ralf Jones, Clark Steel and Heidern formed the original Ikari Warriors Team in the King of Fighters

Ikari Warriors Leona and Whip

Leona who was cursed with the Orochi Blood similar to Iori Yagami joined in KOF’96, Whip joined the team in KOF’99