KOF Tribute Secret Challengers King of Fighters XI Sho Gai Silber Adelheid Jyazu

The Secret Challengers from the King of Fighters XI: Adelheid  from KOF’03, Gai Tendo and Silber from Buriki One, Sho Hayate and Jyazu from Kizuna Encounter

drawn by Grapiqkad


Beside Adelheid Bernstein, these four guys were all new to KOF and had to be unlocked by using the Team leader or Super Special Moves a certain time of numbers during the arce team play mode, everyone of them came with pretty unusual playstyles in the King of Fighters universe, especially Silber who might be the slowest KOF character in history so far and Gai Tendo with all his MMA moves and combinations. It was a pretty cool surprise to see these unpopular guys being illustrated for our Art Tribute!


Gai Tendo Adelheid Bernstein Sho9 Hayate

 Silber and Jyazu