Sacred Weapons Team in KOF2003

The Team of Kyo, Iori and Chizuru returned in the King of Fighters 2003, again as a Edit Team Possibility


The team which defeated Orochi himself back in KOF’97 and ended the first King of Fighters Saga returned again as a team which had to be edited manually while Chizuru had to be unlocked first as a playable character.

They are the only team edit with a real ending and story in the game which demonstrates how Ash Crimson steals Chizuru’s powers when she is weakened. Iori and Kyo will wotk together in KOF XI to kick Ash’s butt.

Our illustration of the Three Sacred Weapons” Team in KOF’03 was drawn by Legado Visual from Mexico, personally I love how he drew all three of them in elegant dresses and poses which reminded me at some of the official SNK artworks during the nineties.

He had the following to say about the team and KOF in general:

“The King of Fighters was great for me, because it was a very balanced game, with phenomenal characters allvery different each other, fighting in teams, with their own story and great powers! SUPERB!

I really liked this team because they forge the origin of all the saga! Joining three memorable characters (from others teams) with a mystical and ancestral history, I just love the idea!


KOF Tribute 3 Sacred Weapons Chizuru Iori Kyo King of Fighters 2003



Three Sacred Weapons Team KOF 2003 Ending