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KOF Tribute King of Fighters XI Neo Psycho Soldiers Team Athena Kensou Momoko

The Neo Psycho Soldiers Team: Momoko, Athena Asamiya and Sie Kensou!

The “Neo” Edition of the Psycho Soldiers Team which debuted in the King of Fighters XI and starred the new character Momoko was drawn by kiraDaidohji! I asked him why he chosed this constellation of the Psycho Soldiers and what he thinks about KOF in general!

“The reason why I choose the Neo Psycho Soldiers Team was that I really like to play with them when KOF XI appears (especially momoko).

Also because I was a super fan of the series since the beggining and appart from SF this was my first fighting game that I spend most time playing it.

Though no one to play it as before I still have a lot of respect from the franchise and I really hope that the new KOF in development will rise the series.”


The new addition to the Psycho Soldiers Team in KOF XI, Momoko was done because the developers wanted to keep the Psycho Soldiers team a trio of young fighters but the developers also had concerns with this character design since she is so young.

In the first concept sketches she was even sweeter than her final design but the designers were not happy with the early ideas because of her age mostly and so she got the baggy pants which fit her Capoeira style as well.

KOF XI Neo Psycho Soldiers Game Art



Neo Psycho Soldiers Team Ending KOFXI