KOF XI Kyo Iori and Shingo Team

Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami did not play a big role in the King of Fighters XI, and above all that they had to team up with Shingo Yabuki who was however super happy to fight together with his big idol!


Our (first) Illustration of the Iori Yagami, Kyo Kusanagi and Shingo Yabuki Team from the King of Fighters XI was drawn by Dennis Luciano Martinez from Argentina, I asked him a few questions!

Heya Dennis, why did you claim the KOF XI Kyo & Iori team which was not so super popular compared with their classic teams?

“I claimed the KOF XI Kyo / Iori  / Shingo team because they are three of my favorite fighters, but I always liked more iori and all his mysticism.”


You mentioned it previously to me that you are a big King of Fighters fan like myself. What makes this game so special and great in your case and when did you come in contact with it for the first time?

“The King of Fighters was love at first sight from the moment i put me in front of the arcade back in ’97!

The (simple yet characteristic) character design, the excellent gameplay, the fluidity of the sprites, the music, his art, everything.  even came to like much more than Street Fighter and other games of the time

It’s why I pay tribute through this art collaboration to my favorite fighting game franchise.
Thank you.”

KOF Tribute Kyo Iori Shingo Team from King of Fighters XI


KOF XI Kyo Iori Team Ending