KOF XI Agents Team

The Agents Team from the King of Fighters XI – Vanessa, Blue Mary and Ramon are investigating the Case!


KOF Tribute Agents Team KOF XI Blue Mary Vanessa Ramon

Our first Illustration of the KOF XI Agents Team was drawn by C-R-O-F-T who wrote the following about the King of Fighters in general as well as about her artwork!

“I missed out on the original but picked up the series from KoF’95 onwards and enjoyed it ever since. I chose KoF XI’s Agent Team because I like their style and they don’t get drawn as much as the others from the earlier games. I wanted them ready to fight in one of the game’s stages so drew the Alley Stage as my background; I like neon lights and graffiti =)

I’m glad that King of Fighters still has a substantial fanbase 20 years on, I certainly enjoyed it whilst growing up! There were so many great fighting games in the 90’s!”



Many returning and even classic Teams were mixed up in the King of Fighters XI, the previous Agent team involved Seth who was replaced by Blue Mary who was in different teams as well before. Together they want to investigate whats behind the broken Orochi Seal, Ash Crimson and “Those from the past”

Sadly all three of them did not return in the sequels so far.


Agent Team KOF XI


Agents Team KOF XI Ending Art