KOF Art Tribute Fatal Fury Team

The Fatal Fury  Team: The brothers Andy Bogard, Terry Bogard and their friend Joe Higashi, drawn by Grace-Zed

“The Classic Fatal Fury team is my all time favourite. I often chose Andy Bogard for the first time playing the game because of his Ninjutsu fighting style and started to like Terry Bogard and Joe Higashi too. I personally think they are the best team in the KOF series. “


“Fighter’s on the Go”

The classic Fatal Fury Team from The King of Fighters’94 drawn by Danita Sibert

The story behind this:

“On August 25th, 1994, Terry, Andy and Joe are traveling out to their first KOF tournament not knowing that it will be a yearly event that will test their strength, courage and skills against other fighters who will become their greatest enemies and greatest friends, fighting off evil villains that are trying to control and take over the world.

i LOVE this team they are really fun to draw and I just LOVE Terry and Andy!!!!”



King of Fighters Art Tribute Fatal Fury Team


 KOF Tribute Terry Andy and Joe Team

Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi never made it into the KOF Maximum Impact 3D games, but Simone Rolando created them and Terry in 3D with the XNALara Software for our Project!

“I love KOF since the beginning for his originality and the great cast of characters. All the characters of the game is unique and well developed. Most of them was taken as an inspiration for other’s game characters, like Mai Shiranui that inspired the creation of Kasumi from Dead Or Alive.

I claimed the Fatal Fury team cause I love them since the beginning (they were the Italy team :D) and even cause I had the whole team almost ready in 3D. I played with them since Fatal Fury came out, they have a nice background story and they are a really well balanced team.”


Classic Fatal Fury Team

Basically, these three are the first King of Fighters Team since they are the three playable protagonist in Fatal Fury: The King of Fighters where Geese Howard held the tournament years before Rugal Bernstein, they don’t fight in a team there though.



The classic Fatal Fury team includes the three protagonists of the first Fatal Fury game (Known in Japan as Garou Densetsu).

They debuted in the King of Fighters’94 and returned in all parts of the KOF main series, but never won the tournament officially.

Fatal Fury Team