YOUR SOUL IS MINE Shang Tsung Mortal Kombat Art

YOUR SOUL IS MINE! – Mortal Kombat Art by JP “thefreshdoogle” Valderrama

The most of my readers know that I am a big Mortal Kombat fan since ages and our big MK Tribute is the best proof of that, so I was happy to see this piece about Shang Tsung’s still damn badass catchphrase and his “Soul-Stealer” fatality.

Everything, from the background, the environments, the poses of both Shang Tsung and Sub Zero and the white eyes of the evil sorcerer fits together which makes it a “flawless” illustration of that fatality the typical Mortal Kombat mood.

Outstanding work @ JP Valderrama, and nice to know that more video game related artworks from you are koming in the next weeks!


You can see a ton more artworks by the artists including many fan arts of comics like He-Man and other cartoons in his gallery at deviantart!