I dont know where you live and where the weather  is where you live…but here in the evil germanic empire we dont  have a real summer this year.


Today it wasnt raining at least..but it was still a cold day and quite windy. A good excusion to stay at home and work on a website 🙂


So finally i did the last important piece of the design of the site and updated the official character artworks list to the same style as for the fan arts and the character DB


And again i got a very cool artist onboard. Keith Byrne made some extraordinary good Lara Croft and Mortal Kombat fan arts..to see his works visit his gallery here 


The next artist i will feature is responsible for some of the best cosplays i have ever seen. Damn.. GA-HQ is on the best way to be something like a “fan-art & cosplay” elite club 🙂


Great new week everyone, GBK