Auron Final Fantasy X Game Art Tribute

Light of the Pyreflies – A Tribute to Sir Auron and Final Fantasy X HD!

I did not buy a lot games in 2014 so far but Final Fantasy X HD on the PS3 was one of the games and while I am in general against buying HD “Remasters” I did not regret buying this one.

Its the same game and everything, but they really improved the graphics there so much + the new stuff, especially for FFX-2 made it absolutely worth it.

Tidus and Yuna’s big Journey is still a blast to play and I totally recommend all FF fans to grab the new version. Speaking about new versions, this illustration of Sir Auron from FFX

is actually a new version of a speedpaint as well. The artist behind it, bulletproofturtleman remade his fan art after around 2 years and well…it looks damn great!