Okay..the headline is bullshit..(while i am indeed in love with my lovely gf…and i fear she might read this)

but seriously..the cure rules..not only the band..the cure in Final fantasy as well


Today i can presentate a new official artworks gallery, its of an old game but of a great one, with around 90 images


Capcom Vs SNK 2 is the game i talk about, and the most of its characters are still well known. Because of the mass of images i diveded the gallery into 2 parts, once for Capcom..one for SNK


I wish you all a happy weekend, its cool i got a big feedback for the MK 2011 artworks and wallpaper gallerys…somehow i have those galleries more sorted than even Netherrealm Studios, Warner Bros and professional websites. 


Some parts of the sites which i would like to recommend for all ya art lovers are:

Toshinden Fan Art gallery

Fan Art sorted by characters


greets all, gbk