Super Mario Bros. 3 was first released in October 1988 in Japan, over a year later in February 1990 it was also available in the USA, Europe got it a lot later, in August 1991.

SMB 3 is till today called one of the best 2D Platformer games of all times, and back in the early nineties it made Mario basically THE video game character and raised his popularity again.

Super Mario Bros. 3 introduced new abilities for Mario and it also introduced the world map to the series, a feature which returned in many later games. Also new were the Koopalings, the Kids of Bowser who are also endbosses of the different worlds in the game.

If you did not play SMB3 yet somehow and you can stand outdated graphics ..try it out it via a rom and an emulator or one of the re-releases.

Personally i like the version from Super Mario Allstars on the Super Nintendo the most.

The Super Mario Bros. games are not yet tributes by the Game-Art-HQ community but sooner or later something will happen to change that for sure!


 Super Mario Bros. 3  in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects

Super Mario bros 3 in the Virtual Worlds Art Collaboration

SMB3 did not yet get an own Art Tribute while it is damn worthy to get one, but at least it is a part of our “Virtual Worlds” Art Collaboration.


Sooner or later Super Mario Bros. 3 will get an own Tribute i think.


Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros 3 Art by Orioto 

SMB3 “Fresco” Art by Mikaël “Orioto”Aguirre

Super Mario Bros 3 Roy Koopa

Mario vs. Roy Koopa

By Brendan Corris

SMB3 Reimagined

Super Mario Bros. 3 Re-Imagined

By Tovio Rogers


The Koopalings

By Brendan Corris


roy_and_morton_koopa art by_teamlando

Roy and Morty Koopa

by TeamLando