Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Screen Art by_gabbybitesAfter weeks of mostly working on the articles for our new Legend of Zelda Art Tribute, Link’s Friendlist, I finally have time again for normal fan art feature blog posts. The first one in February is about this submission for our last big Art Contest on GA-HQ!

This fan art shows Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Nintendo Wii U re-drawn directly from a screenshot…or in this case, directly re-drawn from the TV!

Gabbybites drew all the HUD elements and captured the action damn well, I believe. There are some nice Monster Hunter fan arts out there, but almost all of them are just focusing on one Monster or their own character.

The method to re-draw a screenshot, however, worked perfectly to illustrate the gameplay as a drawing.

I am looking forward to see what Gabby is coming up with for our next art contest or Game Tribute!

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


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