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Welcome to the last gallery of the first round of our new Link’s Friendlist Project!

The three images you see above are only a small part of the artwork by Efraimrdz who created not only a 3D scenery, but also animated it and added music to it as well. You can see the whole flash animation here.

Back when we planned the project, it was possible to choose between 3 Zelda ALTTP Characters and the Flute Boy was one of them. Efraimrdz claimed him but found that it would be interesting to use Gulley from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, who seems to be a homage to the Flute Boy for his submission. He re-created the whole story events around the Flute Boy and, well, watch it!

He also wrote the following about his submission:

“At first it was going to be a little .gif animation of the Flute Boy, but at some point the project went out of my hands and turned into a full animation.

Sage Gulley from “A Link Between Worlds” is based on the Flute Boy character from “A Link to the Past.” I chose to use this 3D rendition of him. Link on the other hand was made like the one from “ALTTP”.

Lastly, I included MANY CHARACTERS AND REFERENCES TO OTHER GAMES just for fun. Let’s see if you can find them all.

I started this project on December 2013 and finished it on January 2014. Models and textures are made by me. As for the music, I created it listening to the original MIDI’s and used a Cassio Electronic Keyboard.”


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