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In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Link can ride on the back of giant birds known as Loftwings.

Link has a very rare Loftwing breed, a Crimson Loftwing. It does not currently have a known name. The Loftwing serves as Link’s loyal companion as he explores the sky in a similar fashion to how Epona, his trusty steed from earlier Zelda games, did.

Fun Fact: They are designed after the Shoebill birds which can be found in Africa.


The left illustration of the Crimson Loftwing was drawn by Zelda-Freak91 from Germany who participated with some damn gritty submissions in Link’s Blacklist before 🙂

The right one is by Kanis-Major from Australia and her debut submission for a Game-Art-HQ Art Collaboration. May many more come in the future!


Link and his Loftwing

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