Time to celebrate: GROOSE

The Legend of Groose

The Adventure of Groose

A Groose to the Past

Groose’s Awakening

Groose of Time

Groose’s Mask

Groose of Ages

Groose of Seasons

Four Groose’s

Groose’s Waker

Four Groose Adventures

Twilight Groose

Minish Groose

Groose Hourglasses

Spirit Groose

Skyward Groose

..and soon a Groose Between Worlds!


Groose Skyward Sword Link's Friendlist 

” Anyway, you know that Zelda 25th Anniversary poster? The one with all the Links? Well everyone knows the legend was supposed to be named after Groose, not Zelda (starring Link), so I fixed it!
Can you figure out which Groose is which, and/or what they might do? Didja catch the references, too?!”

Every good art collaboration needs at least one funny entry and here it is with the 25th Anniversary of Groose, the famous Skyward Sword character and bully.

This is the only piece in Link’s Friendlist which was not directly made for it, but the artist ScowlingElf, who decided to participate with his take on Kafei from Groose’s I mean Majora’s Mask, drew this just a few days before we started Link’s Friendlist. Isn’t it just super fitting? 🙂



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