Makar The Wind Waker Sage of Wind

Welcome to one of the weirdest looking parts of Link’s Friendlist – The Gallery of Makar!


This little guy here who looks like a root with a leaf as a face is Makar from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and is friendly character from the Korok race in the game.

These are wooden people with the ability to fly (with the help of a Deku Leaf) and there seems to be a strong relation to the Kokiri from previous Zelda games.


Makar is probably the most important Korok in Wind Waker. He likes adventures just as much as Link himself and is also the only musician among the Koroks which gives him a special position among his folks.

He is also the Sage of Wind and during the game he helps Link to move forward in his adventure.

Makar Art from Zelda WW HD

Makar Wind Waker Link's Friendlist

Makar by Purrdemonium

Makar The Legend of Zelda  Links Friendlist

Makar by ISugarbee

We got two super different takes on Makar as you can see. They were among the first submissions for Link’s Friendlist and both done by artists who were part of Link’s Blacklist before.

Purrdemonium from Poland drew a lot of Wind Waker art before (some of it is featured in our Game-Art-HQ), but never in such a style as used here for Makar. He tried out something very new for himself and it turned out great!

ISugarbee from Canada drew a more serious-looking Makar there and I bet this image could work superb as a calendar page, too ūüôā




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