Sheik Link's Friendlist  Zelda Ocarina of Time

Art by Nick “Hybridmink” Savino

Sheik Zelda OoT3DSheik is a strong and mysterious warrior who helps Link multiple times in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

While Sheik never returned in a later Zelda game, Sheik became a part of the Super Smash Bros. fighting game series.

Sheik Zelda OoT Link's Friendlist

Art by Kurama-Chan

 Sheik Male Version Gender Swap for Link's FriendlistBeside being a mysterious helper of Link, Sheik is also known as the alter ego of Princess Zelda and was the core of uncounted long discussions about the gender of him (her)?

Some see Sheik as a female, while others look at Sheik’s more masculine body and that he/she was called a young man by Princess Ruto in the game and that Sheik was described as a young man in the Official Nintendo’s Player’s Guide for Ocarina of Time as well. ūüôā

Tixie who drew the male version of Sheik above wrote the following about her take on a male Sheik:

“I’ve always thought it’d be interesting if Zelda did actually turn into a guy when she was disguised as Sheik (male or female depending on which interpretation you follow).¬† In my interpretation, I see him as a fluid, masculine type (think Ninja!) in contrast to Zelda who is all feminine.¬† I also went with his monochromatic palette swap from Super Smash Bros Brawl for a more mature, subtle look to bring out the emphasis on the dark, mysterious young man I imagine him to be.”


To continue the good old tradition of debating Sheik’s gender, we just had to include a male version of him. Well, to be honest, it was Tixie Lix from Australia’s idea and she caught me by surprise with it, but I love the idea and am glad that she once again joined a Game-Art-HQ Art Tribute!

She is in good company with that. Hybridmink and Kurama-Chan, the artists of the two Sheik illustrations at the top of the article, are both part of our community for years and both participated with multiple submissions to Link’s Blacklist before. You can commission Hybridmink. We have a page here where you can directly contact him and other artists who are a part of Game-Art-HQ!


Little Known Fact: Sheik was actually going to return in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but this plan was scrapped later.

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