The Poe Collector Ocarina of Time

The Tale of the Poe Collector being part of Link’s Friendlist

Back in October 2013, when artists from our community on deviantART were able to choose the characters to be included in Link’s Friendlist, one of the first claims was by C-R-O-F-T who participated in the Blacklist before. She asked if the Poe Collector from Ocarina of Time could be included.

I was a bit unsure since the Poe Collector is not a clear “Friend” of Link and one of the more mysterious characters in the game. I mean, this guy? He seems to know a lot about Link and the fate of Hyrule, but doesn’t give a shi* and just wants Link to bring him Poes for Rupees and a Bottle.

But okay, I thought…why not? 🙂

While Xland333 came up with the very dark take on the Collector, C-R-O-F-T added a bit of humor to her illustrations with P-C having a Poe Trading Card Collection.

Thanks a lot you two for participating with this weird character!

Poe Collector Links Friendlist 2

Art by Xland333

Poe Collector Links Friendlist

Art by C-R-O-F-T

“At first I was a bit unsure of the Poe Collector…seemed a bit suspect if you ask me, only willing to be helpful for a price.

But seeing as in Ocarina of Time he’s really just a trader and doesn’t harm Link, he certainly isn’t an enemy. So I thought I’d draw the Poe Collector in a more fun light for Link’s Friendlist seeing as many pictures of him are in a dark setting.

The drawing was completely done in Photoshop and I pretty much took his name literally! He’s a collector…he’s bound to have a trading card set…and he’s just managed to find a shiny Big Poe card! Link’s Friendlist really was an excellent idea and opportunity to draw many more characters from the land of Hyrule.

It’s the other side of the coin to Link’s Blacklist and I feel will be just as popular. What better way to encourage fan art to enhance our interpretation of this long-standing series.”

Poe Collector Ocarina of Time Screenshot

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