The Flute Boy (who plays an ocarina) is one of the many non-playable characters in The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past and part of a kinda sad side-story.

Link can find the ocarina and use it to move forward in the game, but the boy himself is cursed and transforms into a tree in the Dark World after he was able to listen one more time to the melody of his ocarina.

The illustration of him was drawn by Ra-ooo from the USA, who debuted with this submission in a Game-Art-HQ Art Collaboration and wrote the following to describe his work:

But it looks like I can’t play my flute anymore. Please take it.

The Flute Boy from the third Zelda game.

What a sad story he has…~ After asking you to retrieve his flute, he finds that he can’t even play it, now that the Dark World has turned him into a monster. So he asks that you play it so he can hear it one last time and as he listens, he turns into a tree. In the Light World, the apparition of a boy playing a flute no longer appears, and the animals that gathered to listen, never gather again.

..Until you beat the game then it’s all better o/”


The Flute Boy did not directly appear in another Zelda game again, but there is another Flute Boy in A Link Between Worlds who plays various melodies from the Soundtrack for some Rupees.

There is also Gulley who looks very similar to the Flute Boy.Gulley


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