And we got over 400 visitors now on one Day, seems the concept of the site is welcome.


Beside the official character artwork galleries  around 40% of the visitors watched the different fan-art game or game characters galleries. Thats great..since it is the purpose of the site to bring more attention to these chosen works.  New is the Videogame character DB i am working on, this section is in the works and might become GA-HQ`s biggest unique feature in the long run maybe.


Its also great to see that around 36% of our visitors are returning people, this means the site seems to be interesting for many of you.


Today and maybe tomorrow i am only working on the VG DB here, from wednesday on for sure, fanarts and also official artwork galleries will be added

All Characters from Mortal Kombat (2011) got own official artworks galleries now btw, these include anything related to them like concept arts, profile and story board images and what else was once made public by Warner Bros.


Greets everyone and a great new week,